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CBD Flowers: Indica VS Sativa, what you need to know

Of all the cultivated cannabis (or cannabis) species, Indica and Sativa are arguably the two most common. Not to be confused with “varieties”, these two species should be considered as large families in the classification of cannabis. For each species, then we find a large number of species. All our explanations to fully understand the fundamental differences between these 2 traditional species.

The notable differences between Indica and Sativa

Let’s take a simple example! When we talk about fruit, for example, we distinguish citrus fruits from red fruits. Indeed, these 2 types of fruit have fundamentally different flavors and each group together many species. Citrus fruits, for example, include grapefruit or lemons, while red ones include strawberries or blackberries. However, all these species are indeed fruits!

If this comparison is simplistic, it helps to better understand the differences between Indica and Sativa, whose respective species vary about as much as a strawberry next to a grapefruit.

Unfortunately, there are many myths in the cannabis world about the difference between indica and sativa. The most popular of these myths seems to be that all clues produce a heavy body high, while all sativas produce an energetic and uplifting high. There is also a myth that indicas contain more THC than sativas. It’s wrong. And even more so when it comes to CBD flowers, flowers that have been modified to not contain THC!

On the other hand, if one could make strong claims about the different characteristics of the two varieties in the past, things have changed a lot now. Indeed, after decades of hybridization, those days are over. If you can not find earth stems, there really is no longer something like a real sign or sativa. Every commercially available variety is generally a hybrid. some are indica dominant, others sativa dominant.

Sativa VS Indica: how to navigate?

While there is some truth in the myth that dominant stems produce a heavier body high, while sativa-dominated stems provide a more refreshing brain high, this is not always the case. What really affects how it makes you feel is the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes.

So why do executives have a reputation for creating a “torpor” feel? This is probably because, for the most part, the predominantly indicated strains have higher levels of terpene called myrsene. But why sativa-dominated executives are known to excite is not well understood.

Features of Indica

The most well-known effect of indicas is that they produce intense body height. They are known to promote a level of sedation known as “sofa lock”. It is also known that Indicas fuel cravings and relieve physical pain. Many people like bedtime to help promote sleep.

Features of Sativa

Sativas, on the other hand, is known to produce an ascending “high”, although this feeling is apparently reduced in strains grown for CBD only. People like to use them to fight depression, as well as to enhance focus and creativity. While some people use them to reduce stress, others claim that sativa increases their stress. They are known to produce a general feeling of well-being that is more suitable for use during the day.

Sativa VS Indica: how to choose the right type for you?

As we mentioned, after decades of crossbreeding, the word indica and sativa does not mean much these days. If you really want to know how a strain will make you feel, you need to look beyond indica and sativa and focus on cannabinoids and terpenes.

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