a complete update on the state of knowledge

Fibromyalgia and CBD: a comprehensive update on the state of scientific knowledge

Several million people suffer from it in France … And yet this pathology, the etiology (causes of the diseases) still mysterious, often leaves doctors without resources. It has a name, fibromyalgia and real reality, diffuse muscle pain, severe fatigue combined with many other symptoms. Of course, we do not die from it, but the lives of those who have to live with it are often a nightmare.

A new treatment, CBD

Let us say a few words about this substance, the production and marketing of which was recently approved in France. Extracted from hemp, it will produce relaxation effects for those who consume it. But recent studies have shown that it could have some therapeutic properties, symptomatic, as it would reduce the appearance and intensity of acute or chronic pain in the context of various pathologies. And fibromyalgia is one of them.

How CBD works

This new indication did not come by chance, but follows many scientific and medical studies on its analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. Thus, in 2018, a study of 121 migraine patients showed that 40% of this group had a marked improvement in their symptoms and 11% permanent discontinuation. In animals and in the laboratory, mice with inflammatory pathologies and neuropathies injected with CBD showed significant remission of pain sensations. These first results were confirmed by many other studies according to protocols that left nothing to chance.

A possible involvement of serotonin.

A hypothesis made by some neurologists refers to the role of CBD in regulating blood serotonin, a hormone synthesized by the brain. In migraines, a drop in serotonin causes dilation of cerebral blood vessels, causing painful sensations. Without the presence of CBD in the body, the secretion of serotonin could be increased, thus absorbing the dilation of blood vessels and stopping pain. This hypothesis was confirmed by animal experiments.

The use of CBD for fibromyalgia.

Many products contain CBD, but in its “medical” use, it is advisable to use CBD oil for ease of use. It can be taken sublingually, a few drops every six hours, but also as a topical application to painful parts of the body. Some recommend at least 15 mg of CBD daily in its analgesic application. Note that there are no notable side effects to taking CBD regularly.

Considering the scientific studies, the feedback from many patients suffering from chronic pain, from headaches to rheumatic pains, and of course, those caused in the case of fibromyalgia, the good news that CBD, without being a miracle molecule, is a new tool of complete harmlessness. However, in case of persistent pain, you should consult a doctor.

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