CBD | How to relieve migraines and headaches with CBD?

How to relieve migraines and headaches with CBD?

Even though we do not often experience this type of pain, we have all felt one day this painful sensation that surrounds the skull and can impair vision. The causes of migraines can be multiple, often difficult to determine and the reflex to work is taking an analgesic in self-medication. But very often, this is not enough and the crisis can last, continuously or at intervals, several days, as a result of which his daily life has been lost, and sometimes his nights …

A widespread pathology

The numbers are clear. 15% of the population of all countries suffer from it, with a higher percentage of women. Although this can vary with age and certain life periods such as adolescence, menopause and aggravating factors, stress, anxiety, lifestyle or diet, migraines are also referred to as medical headaches when they are not. is a symptom of more serious pathologies, at the same time very widespread but intensely debilitating disorders for those who suffer from them.

Cannabidiol (CBD): An Alternative Approach

For many years now, medical research has been working on the therapeutic virtues of cannabinoids in certain pathologies and in particular in terms of their analgesic properties. In 2016, an efficacy study of 121 migraine patients who had consumed cannabis for medical use showed that 40% of them had a significant reduction in the incidence of migraine attacks and 11% had a complete disappearance.

This serotonin

This hormone secreted in the brain plays an important role in many normal processes and can, if reduced in its concentration in the blood and tissues, cause disorders, in particular, dilation of cerebral blood vessels, one of the causes examined by neurologists for onset of migraine attack. And the correlation between the analgesic effect of CBD and the level of serotonin has been suggested because we are well aware of its role in maintaining a good concentration of serotonin in the body.

Other animal studies have shown that stress affects the secretion and bioavailability of serotonin, which supports the hypothesis of CBD effects on serotonin regulation, the effects of stress, and the onset of migraine attacks. It is also believed to have strong anti-inflammatory effects.

CBD for migraines: when and how to get it

It is most effective to take CBD before the onset of a migraine attack, so in prevention and those who are accustomed to suffering from it recognize the warning signs.

In case of reported migraines, it is advisable not to wait to consume it so that its analgesic effect is as fast as possible. The easiest way to get it, when aiming for its analgesic effect, is to use CBD oil which is applied a few drops under the tongue (sublingual application). It can also be used in the form of evaporation, inhalation but also with its use as an ingredient in dishes. In short, it is everyone’s choice!

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